Changes, by Sadie


We’ve gained 6 minutes of daylight. It happened quick as a blink, but I can’t say I was totally unaware of the change. Already I notice the benefit of those few minutes of extra natural light when we do the evening chores. We still need headlamps inside the barn, but when we head back to the house … [Read more...]

What a Ride! by Sophie


I'm ashamed. It's been nearly 3 months since our last post, and it was my turn to write. I have a boatload of excuses, but they're behind us now, so I can fill you in on what's been happening downeast. Our precious momma had total knee replacements (both knees, two weeks apart) in September. At … [Read more...]

A Time of the Signs, by Sadie


It’s been a hot, dry summer – good hay crop, good garden, great potato and apple harvest. The winter wood supply is already stacked and under cover, and I’m ready – ready, not only to hunker down for the coming season, but to spend some quality time at the keyboard. The past few months have been … [Read more...]

Theory vs Theology, by Sophie

Sorry I'm late with my blog (AGAIN!), but things have been hopping around here lately and writing's had to take a backseat. But in the midst of all the hoopla, Sadie and I were able to squeeze in a few consecutive nights' viewing of , The Theory of Everything, about physicist Stephen Hawking and his … [Read more...]

Thank God for Kids, by Sadie


Sophie and I have been immersed in VBS and child’s play during this month. We’ve had lots of family visits, including extra time spent with Sophie’s 7-year-old grandson. Castles on the beach, hide-and-seek, road trips, barefoot baseball, hula hooping… Pretty intense for a couple of old girls, but … [Read more...]